About Luly Gaudiano

At Luly Gaudiano we treat women to beauty with sustainable luxury skin care. We subscribe to a philosophy that promotes love for Mother Nature and love for luxury. We believe the two can co-exist which is why all
our products and packaging follow the credo of kindness to nature, kindness to your skin.

The Founder

Originally from Panama, Lourdes Gaudiano came to Switzerland in 2006. What began as a hobby - making soaps and selling them at local markets, Family and friends - soon turned into a business. However, after selling her products for several years, she realized that Luxury was not associated with sustainability, and as someone who is really conscious about the environment she realized that she could make a positive impact bringing these two worlds together. Lourdes is the passionate and savvy woman behind the natural skincare brand Luly Gaudiano.


Swiss citizens are champions when it boils down to recycling. 94% of old glass and 81% of PET containers make their way to special collection points instead of household bins. Since 125 years legislation has ensured that 30 percent of Switzerland’s surface is made up of forests and woodlands. Amongst other things, trees protect from avalanches and help sink CO2 levels. Therefore Switzerland belongs to the world-best category concerning sustainability.